Mayur Shingare


This one step can bring you miles closer to your dreams

One simple step and miles of progress.
Mayur Shingare

Do you find it difficult giving up your sleep to wake up early in the morning? Do you have the habit of snoozing your morning alarm? Do you sleep every night telling yourself that tomorrow you will surely wake up early morning, but fail to do so?

Let me tell you once and for all – this habit of waking up early morning will help you go pretty ahead in keeping you motivated and realizing your dreams. When you wake up early morning you can give yourself quality time to plan for your day. You can utilize this few hours you just bought to freshen up your mind body and soul by exercising, running, meditating or doing yoga.

When you plan your day, you can efficiently organize and prioritize the activities for the day. This gives you a complete overview of how you are gonna spend the rest of the day. Imagine waking up and running to office, being dominated by the work that comes your way, and feeling helpless at your situation. This situation can only change when you plan your day in advance.

If you dream to be an entrepreneur, this is a habit that should be deeply woven in your daily life. Look at the autobiographies of the most successful entrepreneurs, and you will find they all have won over that desire to snooze their early morning alarms.

There is nothing more harmful to your dreams than this urge to snooze the alarm. It lets your physical desires, situation dominate your decisions in life. If you cannot wake up at 6:30, then set the alarm at 7 or 7:30. But never willingly snooze the alarm ever. If you have some dreams in your life, then this is the urge you have to fight everyday to achieve them.

When you wake up early morning, make sure you do some physical activity to keep your body healthy. It could be as simple as going for a walk or a jog to hitting the gym. Yoga and meditation could be the best recommended. Develop this habit of keeping yourself healthy. If your body is healthy, and mind is fresh, you will feel full of energy to take up new challenges.